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The Indian Astrology with all the richness of Vedic traditions has been all but lost to the West - whose recent tendency has been to mimic trends in psychology rather than abiding Cosmic Laws which do not submit either to fashion or human influence.

This focuses our attention on the purity at the core of Indian tradition. It is this unblemished astrological knowledge that is India’s true heritage and which we are now at liberty to claim and cherish as our proper legacy.

Here is an opportunity for all living away from India or in various parts of India to get their horoscope and that of their loved ones prepared in true traditional way for just $ 25! (Rs. 995/- for payment in India)!

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Name, Place of Birth, Country of Birth, Date of Birth, Exact Time of Birth in Local Time in Hour& Minutes.

On verifying the data provided, The IndiaAstrologer will reply to you by e-mail giving instructions for payment to be sent to India. The Charges for the service will be just $ 25 per horoscope. Postage shall be extra.

The details will include:

Detailed Horoscope Calculations, Sphutams, Sarvashtavarga, Charts, Saptavarga, Bhava Chart, Dasa & Bhukti periods,
General Predictions for the life time, Dasa Phalas Etc.

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